Working from home is here to stay, and we must be prepared

Original Adera Content

Throughout this health crisis the way we live and the way we work are changing quickly – and there are signs that some of these new ways of living will be with us into the future.

The New York Times recently announced it had temporarily stopped publishing its travel section, replacing it with an At Home section focused on stories, tips and insights into how we can thrive within our new stay-at-home reality.

It’s also clear that virtually everyone who can work from home, has been, and it’s possible many companies and their workers will opt to stay at their home offices once we move past the crisis.

For instance, the Bank of Montreal (BMO) revealed in early May that it expects that up to 80 per cent of its staff could blend working from home with working at the office, even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

That would see roughly 36,000 employees working regularly from home. And that’s just one Canadian company.

It’s important for our home builders like Adera to recognize and adapt to the new relationship we have with our homes. We need to be designing and building homes that are more suitable to working, or running a business from home.

However, there are complicating factors to keep in mind when we mix our private life with our professions, like dealing with noisy neighbours, families or other distractions. What happens when the passing garbage truck disrupts your Zoom call?

At Adera, we feel we are well prepared for this shift. Our trademarked QuietHome construction technology is ideally suited to better accommodate workers at home and will be part of the solution.

After introducing QuietHome just over 5 years ago (originally SAS), Adera now builds every home using this specialized assembly and design technique. The method uses SmartWood to reduce sound transference beyond current building codes. It also results in a reduction of heat loss and off-gas emissions, while increasing the fire safety rating of the building.

When visitors tour our display homes, they can’t hear construction noise that’s taking place only a few floors above them. The transfer of sound between floors and walls is reduced dramatically so residents can enjoy the comfort of their homes, and their home offices, in peace and quiet.

Adera is now also developing a custom wall unit that converts into a home office to make the transition easier for buyers who decide to stay at home for the long-term. The wall unit is available as part of our i.D by Me program.

The spaces in which we live and work are changing, and at Adera, it’s our priority to ensure that not only do our design and construction methods evolve too, but we lead the way in this next generation of building.