Crest Construction Update

December 2019 Update

This update was originally posted in Adera’s homeowner newsletter.

With anywhere between 60 to 80 people working on the site everyday, all concrete in Building One’s parkade has been poured and the parkade for Building Two is moving along nicely.

Building One’s framing is well underway, construction is just finishing off the third floor, and have started on the fourth floor. We will have landed all the fifth floor hashtagCLT by the end of December. Once Building One’s framing is complete we will start framing for Building Two.

Construction has now started forming the townhouse level, with concrete for this area scheduled to be complete by the middle of February 2020.

Lastly, the civil work is scheduled to start in January; we plan to get all the underground piping complete in January, moving on then to all the underground Hydro in February and roofing by March, weather permitting!

View the live crest camera here:

Stayed tuned for the next update in January!