UDI Development of the Month: Virtuoso

Corrin Skalbeck, Shaw TV

Life at UBC, an intimate community with West Coast vibes. A new addition to this family-friendly neighborhood is Virtuoso at Wesbrook Village.

UBC is a fantastic location for families. There are streets for the cars and then there’s green streets, they call them, for the people and the kids on bicycles and everything else. Every project in this community, front center road and back center green street.

The modern architecture and thoughtfully designed interiors include high ceilings large windows and an open accessible floor plan. Adera offers a home personalization program that allows you to upgrade your kitchen to the Ultimate Kitchen. But the interiors are only half the story.

Virtuoso uses cross laminate timber, considered by many as the future of construction. CrossLamTM certainly has superior performance I think over some of the concrete and steel systems. There’s three building materials in the world and the wood of course is the most beautiful the most sustainable. The material offers superior seismic and thermal performance and is an innovative way for Adera to reduce their carbon footprint.

We believe that this is the next generation of wood frame building, much greener than a lot of other technologies and performs just as well they’re better than the others. Wholly grown here in BC this is a homegrown product we’re proud of and it’s very cool to be able to supply a project here in the Lower Mainland from BC forests.
And for families, this technology simply means a quieter home. We focused a lot on acoustics and sound transmission between the homes, so we developed what we trademarked as Quiet HomeTM. When we do it, we end up with homes that are just as quiet as a concrete building. These two and three-bedroom town homes truly represent living in the spirit of the West Coast.