COVID-19: Adera Retail Safety Bulletin

Adera Development Corporation

To our valued Customers –

As a valued Adera homeowner, we want to communicate that our sites are operating according to schedule and we will continue to work towards an unchanged delivery pending any new mitigating developments. Your safety and health are our primary concern. So is the safety of everyone else that works for us, with us, or shares this planet. COVID-19 is amongst us and we are taking proactive, precautionary measures to firstly ensure the safety of all, and secondly to “flatten the curve” for the spread of the virus. Effective immediately, our Duet Presentation Center will be open by APPOINTMENT ONLY during our regular hours. Our salespeople will be available to assist you on an individual basis with your interest in Duet Flats, Duet Cityhomes and Crest as many people consider record low-interest rates as an opportunity.

As an additional measure to our practise of elevated care towards PC cleanliness, we are augmenting our sanitization procedures in the PC along with a protocol for enhanced regular personal hygiene for anyone present at the Presentation Center, including our employees. For those that are equipped properly, our Presentation Center is fully connected in the digital space. It might make more sense to some to book a video meeting over Zoom, or a similar video platform. And we’re equipped to write offers that you can digitally sign from the comfort of your own home.

Duet: Please contact Linda, or Tracy, at 604-937-9688, or at
Crest: Please contact Kerri, or Stephanie, at 604-980-0016, or at

Things are developing quickly with COVID-19. We’re taking our responsibility in this matter seriously and will update you should any developments present themselves. Common sense is key to flattening the COVID curve and ultimately extinguishing the concern. We’re going to make sure that we take the time to remind ourselves to act with a good dose of it daily. And we’re thankful in advance for your return consideration. Together we’re going to get through this challenge successfully and expediently! Stay safe. Stay aware. Stay in control. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!



Eric Andreasen, SVP & the Sales Team