Buildings for Better Lives

Our commitment to our homeowners, and the communities we are helping to build

As we approached Adera’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to embrace and explore innovative ways to improve the strength of our team, the livability of our communities, the efficiency of our buildings, our commitment to the environment, and incorporate overall themes of wellness.

We are thrilled to announce our new Buildings for Better Lives vision, which reinforces our commitment to our homeowners, and the communities we are helping to build. This vision emerges as we ask ourselves what the next 50 years will look like as Adera solidifies its role as a leading mass timber community builder.

The result is a new philosophy anchored around four core values — Agility, Partnership, Sustainability and Pride. These core values will guide our decisions as we move forward, further securing our reputation as leaders in a new era of intentional real estate development.

SmartWood™, our own proprietary system, encompassing mass timber using Cross Laminated Timber and our QuietHome™ construction technology, is a better way to build. SmartWood™ addresses some of the most significant contributions to climate change today, as well as livability for our residents. First by offsetting emissions during construction and then, by using wood exclusively harvested from sustainably managed forests, SmartWood™ creates beautiful, strong and decarbonizing structures that are built for generations to come.

At Adera, we see Smartwood™ as a foundational pillar for our broader sustainability expectations, but it’s not the whole story. We are completely committed to expanding our sustainability initiatives in terms of low and, eventually, zero-carbon operations, sustainable material sourcing and innovations to make our entire development program cleaner, healthier and attuned to the health of our environment.

We have big plans for the next 10 years to focus on sustainability. But to get there, we’re starting with what’s right in front of us. Our goal is to deliver a record number of new mass timber residences and innovative commercial developments. In particular, we are working to add 1,000 new mass timber homes to the Metro Vancouver region by 2025. We see mass timber as the building material for the future, from both a sustainability and wellness perspective. Plus, we feel Smartwood™ is a superior building material compared to concrete in virtually all ways, making it a luxurious, high-value choice.

In coming years and decades, each and every Adera project will showcase our competitive standards in environmental efficiency and wellness. We are pioneering ways to make our homes, people, customers and partners healthier and more successful, while respecting and protecting the environment. We view wellness holistically, which includes choosing sites for our buildings in neighbourhoods that are walkable, bikeable, and located close to necessities, entertainment and transit hubs, as well prioritizing lifestyle features such as rooftop patios, public art, bike lounges and storage facilities, dog friendly amenities and fitness rooms.

Through our new philosophy we plan to develop a roadmap to lead us to carbon neutral business operations by 2030. Learn more about our new Buildings for Better Lives philosophy in this video